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Earth Side Yoga

Discover Your Own Path

Earth Side Yoga is a boutique experience in which you can explore your relationship with self, meet like minded people and feel safe to journey onward with your yoga practice. A range of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles are utilised for movement, strengthening and stretching, as well as exploring an array of breath work techniques to calm the nervous system, promote mindfulness and meditation. No two experiences are the same, so join us in either a group class or enquire about private lessons. 

Earth Side Yoga also hosts workshops throughout the year, and is open to collaborations. If you would like more information, please email Leila at


Weekly Classes

Designed For You

I offer a variety of classes depending on your personal goals and conditions. Whether you need to tone your muscles or relieve muscular tension, support yourself through rehabilitation or are looking for time out to clear the mind and rejuvenate your soul. There is something for everybody to enjoy! $15 per person per class.
Pre-booking is essential! Please get in contact via email to pre book or text message to reserve your space. Namaste

Monday Movement Class 

Surrender to Your Mat

Monday Movement class is a place to get active and build strength, as well as relax and focus. A more challenging class for the purpose of making our bodies work, and seeing how we can grow through this. Each Monday is open to exploring our personal goals in which ever format that comes, from Pilates style movements to Vinyasa flow and breath work. Grab a mat, don’t forget your water bottle, and get moving into a sequence that will leave you feeling hot, centred and renewed. Class is Monday 9am at Finch Hatton - 22 Anzac Parade - The old train station.


Tuesday Moon Salutations

A Flow for the Cycles

Step onto the mat and reconnect with the cycles that govern both our bodies and the natural world around us. Flow through your Tuesday morning, joining us at 9am Finch Hatton - 22 Anzac Parade - The old train station.


Saturday Rising Class

Relax and Renew

Saturday Rising is perfect for students looking for a meaningful mind-body experience on the mat. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body. Get in contact today to discuss what will best suit you! Class is at 8:30am at Finch Hatton - 22 Anzac Parade - only $5 as a part of the Active in the Regions program.


Wednesday Alignment & Stretch

Relax and Renew

Alignment & Stretch is perfect for students looking for a meaningful full body experience on the mat. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body, leaving you feeling like your entire body and your mind has been taken care of. 9am Wednesday at Finch Hatton - 22 Anzac Parade, Finch Hatton.


Private Sessions 1 Hour

Reaching your Goals

Private sessions are a space where you can work on your personal goals, starting at a level designed for you. You can use the classes to relax from your work life, continue on your spiritual path or work on your flexibility. You set your goal from the beginning and work on it at your own pace, with me as your guid that can hold you accountable and encourage self growth. 
$50 per hour. Private classes with more than one person can be negotiated.


"A feeble body weakens the mind"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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