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Wellness Life Coaching

Creating your best life by nurturing your needs through mind, body and soul


Wellness Coaching with Leila Verban

I am a mother, business owner, yoga teacher, art nerd, avid food grower, horse lover, adventure seeker and home body. I am happily content in the array of interests that keep my life full, exciting and perpetually evolving. In my short 30+ years I have moved more times than I can count, experienced loss, burnt out nervous system and found my way to a happy holistic life that journeys the highs and the lows. What's most important to me? raising the next generation in a mindful manner, teaching them life skills, as well as how to be self sufficient, confident and capable human beings. In order to teach this, I have needed to become this! Every day there is a new opportunity to learn, heal and grow. 


 I am here today to help you navigate your own journey and assist in finding your personal perfection. We will discover how best to fill your life with wholesome experiences and I can provide the tools for building a strong foundation of mindfulness and a healthy practice in nurturing your mind, body and soul . 

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