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Yoga in Bamboo House

Earth Side Yoga

Earth Side Yoga is a boutique experience in which you can explore your relationship with self, meet like minded people and feel safe to journey onward with your yoga practice. A range of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles are utilised for movement, strengthening and stretching, as well as exploring an array of breath work techniques to calm the nervous system, promote mindfulness and meditation. No two experiences are the same, so join us in either a group class or enquire about private lessons. 

Earth Side Yoga also hosts workshops throughout the year, and is open to collaborations. If you would like more information, please email Leila at

Weekly Classes

I offer a variety of classes depending on your personal goals and conditions. Whether you need to tone your muscles or relieve muscular tension, support yourself through rehabilitation or are looking for time out to clear the mind and rejuvenate your soul. There is something for everybody to enjoy! $15 per person per class. Pre-booking is essential! Classes are not held if there are not enough students (minimum 2 people). Please get in contact via email to pre book or text message to reserve your space. Namaste

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