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I am a Mother&Lover with land to tend, food to grow and animals to care for. As a Yoga Instructor and Wellness coach based in the Queensland Pioneer Valley area, my main goal is to travel with and hold space for those who are walking down the path of discovery which will lead them to a life filled with more wholistic experiences, balanced and peaceful mind and all together more joy filled life. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or something else, I know you’ll benefit from my practice and my guidance. My intention is to help students use tools shared to support their own unique lives, accessing states of mind that promote minimal stress, free flowing and creative expression. I write for Fierce Truth Spiritual Magazine and am currently studying a Diploma in Counselling, to broaden by skills to better support and hold space for each individual. I look forward to meeting those who gravitate towards Earth Side Wellness and Yoga and all there is that is awaiting your discovery.

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My Story

I discovered and began practicing yoga and its philosophies as a student in 2014 and I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2020, with further study qualifying me as a 500+ hour Yoga Teacher by 2023.  I have always used yoga to help with the ailments life threw at me, and to increase my energy, as well as furthering my spiritual journey. Today, I am fortunate enough to share all that I’ve learned with you, and continue on the life long study that is my own yoga practice, as well as integrating my further knowledge and studies in assisting those who need added guidance through coaching. Welcome to Earth Side Wellness and Yoga!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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